«Night wine and blood» .. Learn about the strange rituals exchanged in the marriage «Viking»

«Night wine and blood» .. Learn about the strange rituals exchanged in the marriage «Viking»

After showing the first seasons of this dramatic work, there was a worldwide wave of admiration for Ragnar's character in particular, the Viking crown in general, and the development of admiration for this unpopular history before the series; last year when a Norwegian bride decided that she wanted her wedding to take place on The Viking method has revived some of the Viking rituals, although the phenomenon has recently spread; however, it is certain that Elizabeth's wedding is the first wedding in nearly 1,000 years; it includes the largest number of Viking marriages.

What is peculiar and strange about the Viking marriage ritual? And how does the bride's journey, which prepares to marry a Viking man, look like in that historical period? This is what we will tell you about in this report.

Do you hate postponing the wedding date? Do not marry the Vikings

Determining the date of marriage is a matter of concern for each bride, she wants to know the rest of her life until she prepares for a perfect night's sleep, but the Viking bride should not worry about time constraints and frequent arrangements.

At first the wedding must be on Friday, the day of the marriage goddess Friga, but any Friday? This depends on climatic conditions. Viking weddings take place for a whole week, and relatives, guests and wedding guests from neighboring countries travel to attend the celebration week; the journey of these guests is safe and smooth, they must avoid the harsh winter months, so the wedding must be during the summer or during the first period of The winter is colder and the snow is falling; this may require postponement of the wedding date for months.

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On the other hand, there are dozens of guests if not hundreds, they will spend a whole week in the hospitality of the groom and the bride; this requires sufficient food for these numbers, therefore, the date of the wedding should be near harvest time.

Not only that, but there is another thing to keep in mind, the Med drink, an alcoholic drink made from honey, which the bride must share with the bridegroom during the wedding ritual; this means that the honey must be available to make the drink in large quantities. Sometimes, after taking these considerations, the wedding of the Viking bride is postponed for three full years, as writer Jenny Yoshins said in her book (Women in Old Norse Society: A Portrait).

«Crancin» .. get rid of the symbolism virginity

Marriage was the beginning of a new life, thus the Vikings believed, it was therefore a ritual of marriage for them to give up the bride from what he had to do with her old life. During this period before the wedding, the bridegroom was separated from the bride and the bride pulled off the collar of the Which is the symbol of virginity in the Viking culture, which is later replaced during the wedding ceremony with another ring symbolized as a married woman.

The women cleanse the woman's body from her former life, and decorate her in one ritual, the women prepare the bride's relatives, when the bride takes off her clothes and bathe with hot water until she opens her pores, the women begin to clean them well and the bride sits in cold water, Cleaning.

Blood spray .. Weather of the union of gods and human beings for the blessing of marriage

If you are a viewer of the Vikings series, you know the intensity of their psychological attachment to God; therefore, in important ceremonies such as the marriage ceremony, there must be a ritual dedicated to the pleasing of the gods and their solicitation and blessing for this marriage. The idea of pleasing God is often associated with many religions, Sacrifice or sacrifice.

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The weather of the blot required an animal linked to the fertility god bull, such as the pig, the horse, or the goat, and after slaughtering the sacrifice, the blood was collected in a container dedicated to the weather. The priest responsible for the wedding ceremony sprinkled some blood drops on the bride, In the symbolism of the union of gods with men; for the purpose of blessing marriage.

There is a race .. There are losers

This weather is just fun, but it ends with a symbolic end. In the Brullaup, the bridegroom runs with his family on a team, the bride with her family in another team in the direction of the feast of food made for the night of the wedding, which is usually a roasted pig, and whoever wins the race to provide alcohol to the other team throughout the wedding .

At the end of this race, when the groom arrives at the dining hall, he has to plant his sword in the ceiling of this room, and he has to plant it strongly. This symbolizes the depth of the marital relationship between him and his bride, and the deeper the groom's appeal to the roof, The marriage of the blessing of the bride comes with a symbolic hammer resembling the hammer of the god Thor, this is by touching the hammer of the bride's genital organs; this ensures the bride's fertility after marriage and pregnancy.

In the end comes the weather, which some may consider to be the funniest and do not require many complex details, the ritual of "compulsory sugar", the bridegroom and bride should drink wine until they reach the maximum level of gravitation, which makes their marriage effective from the Viking point of view.

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