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The Seven Commandments Before the Age of 30

When you are in your 20s, you often feel self-confidence and a desire to live and start. As if you are a nymph who seeks to free herself from her gloomy cocoon (school and university education), jump into the sea of life and experiment alone.

The period of adolescence and youth in the twenties is the basis from which everything begins. It determines whether you will live a different life full of opportunities and challenges, or a boring traditional life like the one that lived and lived in millions of years like your age.

The years will make you stand in the middle of the middle of the 20s full of opportunities, and the fullness of the thirties full of prudence and caution before making decisions.

If you are a young man in his twenties, or a teenager who has just come out of the early childhood and is early to enjoy the difference, I recommend seven quick commandments, which you must take seriously before he is 30 years old!

The first commandment: Do not think about smoking!

I know that adolescence and young people in the twenties are the stage of arrogance. The stage of departure, experience, and the willingness to make mistakes - and even the desire to do so sometimes - under the name (let us make mistakes, we are still youthful and we have the whole life).

This is true .. but try as much as possible to make your human adventures do not include smoking, including smoking, continuous, or even smoking smoking seasonally at events ..

Smoking is very bad .. very harmful .. Billard very expensive on your health, and your appearance, and your strength, and your estate, and your life material and psychological .. will make your appearance at the age of thirty, as if I were in the early forties of the age .. And certainly will suffer hard to get rid of this scourge after Years of addiction.

Do not think of the usual idea: everyone smokes and looks more cheerful and more attractive. Maybe your words are true in the scene where you see them only, but you are not with them when they are overwhelmed by the waves of breathlessness, painful chest surges, or sudden heart aches.

You may also see him sitting next to you on the coffee shop, releasing a thick cloud of smoke, and seems to be having a good time .. While you do not know - nor does he know - that there is a small cancerous tumor that already begins between his lungs or throat!

Live your teenager, and your twenties, and experience the wrong experiences, and make yourself mistakes and learn from them .. But - Believe me - do not make one of these errors falling into smoking, even from the door of experience ..

You will regret very much later!

The Second Commandment: The First Million!

I read it once to a friend of mine .. Try not to reach the beginning of the thirties of your age, but you have achieved the first million in your bank account .. Impossible? .. OK half a million? .. If you are in the twenties of your age, and the frequency of the word impossible impossible, what word Which you will repeat when you are 50?

Make a plan .. Act .. Start the work of a company .. Get the idea of genius make you rich .. Start using one of your own skills that you know you are characterized by .. Take a path not taken by you, and know that it is full of treasures and money .. Too much failure , And again, and fail again, and rebound again ..


Again, try not to reach the age of thirty, except your bank account with the amount of one million units of currency of your country ..

The third commandment: Marriage is important, but.

In your teens and youth, you have enormous energy that will inevitably be emptied in the path you draw for yourself. Draw yourself a boring, traditional path. You will certainly succeed in it. Draw yourself a different path.

Issam Hajji, a famous Egyptian astrologer, is a senior NASA astronaut in his 30s. When they asked him how he managed to reach this big position at NASA, he was still so young, his answer was :

Because I worked on developing myself intensively in the twenties.. At a time when my peers and friends immersed in marriage facilities, and search for suitable bride, and the processing of suitable apartment, and furnishing the house, and provide the price of marriage requirements, and booking wedding halls .. I was finishing my studies To the degree of doctorate, I travel to achieve my dream of working in NASA space I am at this young age!

Marriage is very important to ensure physical and psychological stability in your life, and the formation of a new family, and independence in yourself .. But my advice not to make marriage a stumbling block in your way to excellence in your life .. If your financial conditions difficult, and start from scratch, Twenties, maybe the beginning of the thirties, and hard work - freely - to achieve your self ..

If you are able to get married and make a family early, make sure that your partner will drive you forward, and for more success and excellence. Do not be stubbornly attracted to your dreams and aspirations.

The fourth commandment: turning into a reading worm

Do not leave anything written except read it .. Completely free from reading (certain subjects) imposed on you socially and humanly, such as reading only in the books of traditional religion, or reading in human development, etc.

Whatever your preoccupation and lack of time, read in everything .. read in philosophy, world literature, medicine, science, physics .. Read to Chekov, Tolstoy, Dickens .. Read cultural, humanistic and developmental articles ..

In your twenties, do not let a book but read it .. No serious article and learned from it .. No serious novel full of ideas and meanings and diversity, but lived events and imagined heroes ..

Reading is the basis for opening your senses, which will make you a civilized civilized man when you reach the age of thirty, you have a clear methodology for thinking, thinking, life, and dealing with the other ..

I talked a while ago with someone who is a bloody mass of hardness, convulsion, violence and rejection of the other .. When I asked him about his age, I was very surprised when he told me that he is 18 years old! Only 18 years old and his mind is full of extremism and hatred of the other and perhaps the willingness to kill himself in order to harm others, how come to the age of thirty!

Either reading will make him more extreme (if he reads books in the same intellectual context), or books will make him more moderate (if he reads books more diverse and different fields, cultures and ideas).

Do not limit yourself to one area of reading, and read to everyone .. Even those who disagree with or hate them .. Certainly will come up with one idea useful at least!

The Fifth Commandment: Success is easier among the idiots!

The cynical genius Mark Twain says:

Without idiots, others in this world would have had no success!

Work on yourself, learn yourself, and develop your skills quickly .. Then start your project / idea / work / your job with the will, design and development .. will arrive very quickly to the success you seek..

Commandment VI: Select (why) Do what you do?

At your earliest age, where your veins are boiling with enthusiasm, perseverance, and willingness to work and to strive in a way that you will not see in the rest of your life, Three things must be identified:

What do you want to do? .. How do you achieve what you want? .. Why do you want this particular?

Many determine what they want to do. The number is smaller when it comes to the mechanism or how they can reach this goal .. But the privileged - the privileged only - are the ones who determine accurately:

Why do we want to reach this goal specifically? And if we achieve it, what will we do next?

Often you will not feel that this commandment is of importance that you believe and you are in the middle of your life .. But you will feel its importance only when you find yourself on the outskirts of thirty, and still do not know the reason behind everything you have done in your life!

The seventh commandment: Do not pay attention to others

The biggest fatal mistake you can fall in. You are in the youth phase is to pay attention to your peers during the race, and decide the path on the same path ..

You do not have to be in this error .. Graduated from your university, you see this friend joined an administrative job in a company .. And your other friend got a job in such a company .. Decide: I must borrow my friends, and join the work in a company, and take the road The career that everyone takes ..

If you walk in this way you - literally - went to the road of loss .. The way of traditional and stupidity and stereotypical .. Turned into a young man who wants nothing of life but the salary at the end of the month, good apartment, beautiful bride, marriage .. then children, Then grow older and Chip. Then leave all this to die!

If you do not come out of this commandment except by this commandment, this is enough for me. Take it as practical advice, and do not hesitate to implement it, or even think about it.

Do not follow a typical stereotypical way of life like everyone (traditional job-work-saving-marriage-etc.) because that is the comfortable way at the end of which all unhappiness takes the hard road. Prestigious, etc.), at the end of which is happiness, pride and unprecedented success.

You can, of course, start this traditional path as a passing step and not a final goal. If you go this way just to be told that you are working like others do, live as others do, and do as others do, then you will die as they die. The effect of this life at all!

Finally, I have some quick tips here, which may be important to know at your earliest age, and the beginning of the real journey on this planet:

- There is no one happy happy absolute .. Always others are less happy than they appear, even if they are kings or princes .. Everyone around you unhappy and if you show the opposite, do not give up the idea that the circumstances against you are you alone!

- If you have determined that your goal in life is to make money big, you will inevitably reach him .. But money - already - has nothing to do with happiness at all .. Just give you some entertainment for yourself .. It will give you the opportunity only to be miserable port, not happy .. This is not a common ignorant, but a fixed fact like physical constants can not be discussed.

- Life does not have a level line. Life is either a rise to the top, or a descent down. Every day that passes you is a graph that you fill with yourself, either straight line up, or straight line down .. Or a curve that rises slightly and drops a bit.

- The immoral ways of succeeding in life may make you jump quickly up in the air, without being under a ladder that will hold you. You will inevitably blow up one day and break your neck. Shorten yourself and follow the path of moral success, even if it is a bit long.

- You are often reading these lines and there is a political / sectarian / civil / war crisis in your country .. Maybe the planes flying over your head every five minutes until you get used to it .. This is not a motive for despair and frustration, but a greater motivation to stand up and challenge and achieve miracles .. Be you the miracle man Who will talk about it all dazzle after several years, despite the bad conditions of your country ..

- Do not enter into controversy at all on two topics specifically (politics and religion) .. Keep your political opinion for yourself and discuss only your close friends, and distance yourself from participating in any political conflicts will not achieve anything behind them in your life or after your death .. And practiced your religion or doctrine Without engaging in conflicts, debates or investigations with the people of other religions and sects .. For all his religion and opinion .. Do not clutter your mind never in public issues distracted more than you imagine!

- Life is a puzzle game. Every puzzle has a solution, and all doors have keys. But you always have to use the wrong keys..

Perhaps we have a second part of this article, directing more commandments to young people and adolescents.

If you have the commandments or advice you have gained from your experience in life - at any age - put it in the comment, and make everyone benefit from it ..

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