What does Facebook offer you? And what do you give him? Can you answer?

What does Facebook offer you?

We all agree that Facebook is the largest social networking site and even if we do not agree we will agree on statistics, It not abandon the computers of the world, but some of them from that pest or so-called blue virus, which does not penetrate the computers and phones, but penetrates the minds of humans. Here the question arises :

What does Facebook offer to us?

What does Facebook offer to us?

- Communicate with relatives and friends and meet new people from far away.

- Get information from some news pages and cultural pages and more.

- If you are an online marketer, Facebook will be a good platform to shop for your products.

- Know the events that will take place in your city or in your country or anywhere around the world.

- Offers you trivialities In the latest news or home page especially if you are involved in those groups that kill your mind.

- Facebook also offers you a lot of games that you can play from your computer browser directly without downloading, over a phone, or through a messenger application.

If you have any other things that Facebook can offer you, you can leave them in a comment. Now let's move on to the most important:

What do we offer to Facebook?

What do we offer to Facebook?

1. Steals your time

Yes Facebook steals time It is a personal experience when I blocked the Facebook link from my computer for 24 hours, I found the results very strange that I used YouTube for about 15 minutes and the same time I spent watching TED lectures and half an hour between forums and blogs and searching for good books that attract my attention to download them.

On the other hand, when I stopped the Facebook ban from my computer, I spent 6 hours using it between the home page or the latest news and messaging page.

2. You pay for Facebook but you don't know anything about it

I thought about it, did not you? But you did not know how you paid for Facebook? Yes, I will tell you, in fact, Facebook benefits millions of dollars when placing ads on it to appear to users.

Today, most of the big and small advertisers go to the Facebook platform because the Facebook ad is targeted at 99.99% if not 100%. Today, on the Facebook platform you can show your ad in a particular state, city or even street, The artificial intelligence of the Facebook platform has reached the target of a particular street or even a technology-interested category in the city.

3. Facebook knows what you do not know about yourself

Facebook knows what you do not know about yourself

You put all your personal information on Facebook where you were born and where you were, your current and previous city, your relatives ...

All this information can be known to anyone through access to your profile page and from your publications. What do you feel What do you see What do you eat or drink What are the last cities you visited ...

But the most important question is, what does Facebook know about you more than the previous lines?

For example, a specialized company collects and analyzes information for Facebook and requests that it be provided with a report on the word terrorism, for example, among Facebook users, where the conversation is collected and searched and the report provides information gathering.

Then this company provides the information to the countries and all those who request the condition of providing the required amount or for those who pay more.

Everything has the pros and cons of Facebook and one of these things. Facebook is the cons of the most powerful types of addiction in this century.

Author : Hazem Allagui

Translation source : Hazem Allagui Blog

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