The best websites to learn languages

In recent times, several language learning sites have developed seamlessly, either through fun or through competition, gathering more points when you learn more, which makes more competition and learning among friends.

  1 . Duolingo  

It is one of the best language learning sites. It supports the Arabic language in learning as a mother tongue, which makes it easier for us to learn and deal with the site. Through the site of Deolingo there are several approaches for the Arabs is the approach of English, French, German, Swedish and soon Spanish. As they will offer other languages in the future, this site is simple and wonderful to learn about this personal experience. You can also download the application on the Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

2 . lingq

A Canadian site that works since 2002 enables you to learn up to 12 languages. But the problem with this site is that it does not support Arabic as its predecessor. If you are a foreign language specialist and want to learn more, this site will help you a lot.

  3 .busuu

Another site for learning languages has special features as it offers: * Complete language courses: short lessons suitable for daily life, work and travel. * Corrections by native speakers: Learn with 60 million users worldwide. * Has an application on Android and iOS. * Google said about this application "an application that must be acquired." * The BBC said about the app "faster, smarter, better". * The site enables you to learn more than 12 languages. * The site supports the Arabic language. Finally, I tell you that I have found other sites worthy of entering this list.

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