Israeli society disintegrates without the army and the Mossad - the East-West conflict in one society

Israeli society disintegrates without the army and the Mossad - the East-West conflict in one society

From discrimination to racism to Jewish problems among themselves to the differences between Eastern and Western Jews.

Oriental Jews and Westerners in Israeli society

In Israel, Jews are divided into two categories: Eastern Jews and Western Jews. A large and respected number of Jews in Israel are of Arab origin and speak Arabic sometimes and most of them have lived in Arab countries for many years.

After the arrival of the Arab Jews or as the Oriental Jews are called to Israel, they were pushed to forget their culture and their Arabic language and their shipment of the new Zionist culture based on European culture means they want to turn Israel into a new branch of Europe, but in the Middle East.

Israel is a solution for European Jews whose state has been established in a place far from Europe to live in a 100% Jewish state of their own.

After the arrival of the Jews of Europe to their new state found themselves few decided to union with Arab Jews and thus the plan was created one million immigrants from the Arab regions to the modern Jewish state.

In Israel, Easterners are discriminated by Westerners, and Oriental Jews are not allowed to teach their children in Israeli schools at times. This is what created Israel as a state of tribes and sects, not a unified nation state.

We can represent the Israeli state of the orchestra and the western Jews with the main player and the Oriental Jews in the secondary player ...

Israel is a migrant country with 40% of its population not born there, but from other countries.

White European Jews and black Jews from Africa

When many Jews emigrated from the Black Continent, especially Ethiopia to Israel, European Jews did not believe that there were black people belonging to the Jewish religion did not accept this, Discrimination and inequalities within Israeli society have begun, causing public security to be shaken and Israelis losing all their products to other countries.

Between the community and the Israeli army

Today, every Israeli citizen is considered an employee of the Israeli Mossad only directly or indirectly. Despite the problems they face, they aspire to the survival of their state. The only thing that still unites the State of Israel is its army and its intelligence agency, If these workers do not have civil war and coups within the Jewish state (Israel), their society is divided ethnically, culturally and intellectually ...

This article was written after watching a documentary on National Geographic and a small discussion on the subject. 

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