7 Tips To Make Your Facebook Page Strong

It seems that being on Facebook has become second nature and an inevitable thing in the era of corporate digitization, especially with Facebook studies that showed that up to 78% of consumers use the world's largest social networking site to find products and services, from business owners like you.

But what if you don't get any customers from Facebook? In this post, we will show you 7 basic tips to get the most out of Facebook, specifically tips that will help you improve your business page on the social network.

1- Update the profile information for your business page on Facebook

One of the important things that business owners must realize or that the business will not ask for anything from a company unless it gets adequate information that makes it trust that company, as consumers tend to know the company's age and experience, and people's opinions about it, and what products it provides. With regard to local companies, the geographical location is important to the customer in his search for the most suitable company and the closest to his home or work.

Therefore, you should be careful not to leave the "about" page blank, and if you have provided it with information, make sure that it is constantly updated. It tried to display information, such as company awards, brand, mission, and most importantly contact information.

You should also update the profile picture, in addition to the cover picture for the page, especially since the pictures are worth thousands of words, so it is desirable that the pictures are attractive and attractive.

2- Improve your Facebook page URL

When you create a page on Facebook, the link to the page is initially very long and annoying, but Facebook allows to change this and add a custom link that you choose, and it is your own, as the same link cannot be repeated for two pages or for users on the network. Make sure the personal link is short and easy, such as your website address.

3- Choose the correct template for your Facebook page

It can be said that your business page on Facebook may serve as a microsite for your brand, so try to choose a template that makes browsing your products and information about your company easy. To make this task easier, Facebook provides pre-made templates that you can choose the best ones and make the appropriate improvements.

4- Add an action that makes it easy for customers to reach you on your page

Brands tend to overlook one of the important benefits when it comes to optimizing their Facebook business pages, which are the "call-to-action" buttons.

Facebook provides the ability to customize the CTA button for many of the actions you may want your customers to use, including "Book now" if you are a travel company, "Call now", "Contact us", "Send a message", or "Use application “If you are a software development company, or“ play game ”, the most important of which for commercial companies is“ Shop Now ”.

Facebook also provides many options for different types of commercial activities, including "Register Now," "Watch the video," "Send an email," "Learn more", and "Request an appointment."

5- Add tabs to promote your products or services

You can optimize your page on Facebook through the tabs that come as page content sections. You can see your tabs on the side of the Facebook page.

And for businesses, in particular, Facebook provides standard tabs like Home, Posts, Videos, Groups, and more for viewers to quickly find content. And if you are not sure what kind of tabs you will need, Facebook templates allow you to access the tabs that suit your business needs.

6- Pin important posts to the top of your page

If you pin a post to your business's Facebook page, you are allowing your followers to see your most important posts at the top of the page before they start scrolling. A pinned post puts your content in the spotlight and typically results in higher engagement rates because it is the first thing visitors see.

Keep in mind that pinned posts must be time-sensitive, meaning that once the show, season, or event is over, it's best to unpost it until your page is refreshed.

You can use Pinned Posts to highlight the following content: Specials, Features, Important Post, Video, Welcome Video, Shared Promotional Content, Seasonal Promotions, Flash Updates, and New Products.

7. Use instant Facebook responses and payments

And Facebook allows you to customize instant or saved responses so you can efficiently handle customer service on Facebook, as well as accept payments so you can optimize your Facebook page to receive payments and make sales.

And Facebook has launched a payment feature to help businesses automatically fill in billing details and cancel e-commerce procedures and through the buy buttons to get sales. This payment method can be used with services such as PayPal. This feature is also available within the messaging application for Facebook, Messenger, and is currently available in the United States.

So optimizing your Facebook page is not difficult. With just a few clicks and a personal touch, your Facebook page can start to bring more value to your brand today. And if you're ready to take it a step further, you can try these tips.

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