Microsoft confirms that it is embarking on serious negotiations to acquire Tik Tok

Microsoft and Tiktok - China and USA

The company sets a schedule no later than September 15 to acquire the application.

Microsoft has removed the fog of rumors that it may take over the operations of the Chinese application "Tik Tok" in the United States and its neighbors through an official statement because it is a serious entry with ByteDance.

The statement said that Chief Executive Satya Nadella had discussed the acquisition issue with US President Donald Trump and worked out a plan to solidify the deal no later than September 15; The company noted the possibility of bringing in other American investors as minority shareholders.

After completing the deal, Microsoft becomes the owner and operator of the application in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

The company added that it highly valued the importance of addressing the president's concerns and being committed to the process of acquiring Tik Tok to subject the platform to a full security review as well as bringing economic benefits to the United States and the US public treasury.

In the event of successful negotiations, and the Chinese application became in the hands of Microsoft, the programming giant promised that it would enrich the experience by applying music clips with a global security layer, privacy and digital protection.

Despite ByteDance’s need to break Trump’s predicament and threaten the embargo, which will negatively impact its operations in US-friendly countries, Taking into account also its urgent need to conclude a successful acquisition deal, the failure to reach an agreement with Microsoft remains a possibility.

This is due to the fact that the American company represents Trump's desire and his acting administration, and ByteDance is accused of submitting and working for the benefit of the Chinese government, as the whole matter is political and more complicated than an ordinary technical deal that represents a process of buying and selling that benefits both parties as usual.

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