Away series .. Can "Atlas" succeed in watching a blue sunset?


Emma stands to address the world from the surface of the moon, and with her four members of her team, they will head together on the first manned flight to Mars, a mission that will stand on the brink of failure, but the impossible may be achieved out of hope and the confidence of the crew members in their eligibility for the success of the mission, which offers Details in the science fiction series "Away" on Netflix starting September 4, 2020.

Away is an exceptional team

The American series Away, directed by Andrew Hinderaker, stars Hilary Swank as Emma Green, NASA astronaut, mission commander and the Atlas ship. Then Josh Charles who represented Matt Logan, Emma's husband and NASA engineer who supports this mission from the NASA Control Center in Houston. He can no longer travel to outer space due to a genetic disease called "cerebral cavernous malformation". Until Emma returns, Matt will take care of their teenage daughter Alexis, played by Talitha Bateman.

As for Mark Evanier, he played Misha Popov, a Russian astronaut and engineer of the Atlas Ship, the man who has scored the longest time in outer space, sacrificing his relationship with his family for his career. His wife died while he was traveling in space, so his only daughter asked him not to move away again, and he promised her that.

Chinese actress Vivan Wu played Lu Yang, a Chinese astronaut and chemist. She has an only son from a husband who does not love him, whom she confides to probation officer Mi Chen, played by Nadia Hatta. Because the secret of their homosexual relationship was revealed, the latter was excluded by the Chinese space agency, and they were assigned an office assignment, and they were also prevented from contacting Yang again.

He assumed the duty of Deputy Commander, Indian Doctor Ram Aya (Actor Ray Panthaki), who has a strong attachment to his deceased older brother. His specter visited him while he was on board the flight, and the catastrophe almost happened that claimed everyone's lives. Finally, apprentice astronaut Kwesi Weissberg Aban (Atto Isandoh), a British Jewish botanist, was born in Ghana and raised in England with adoptive parents.

Discord and loss of confidence on the eve of the takeoff

The world watched the live broadcast of this speech: “This is the leader Emma Greene ... here on the surface of the moon ... as is clear ... perhaps reaching Mars is the most difficult task that mankind has decided upon ... We will now cooperate in pursuit of a dream, which in the past was seen impossible .. We have received warning reminders of the extraordinary challenges that await us .. But we will reach the surface of Al Mouref, and we will return home. ”

An incident of this kind and in outer space, which was not easy to overcome, and resulted in a loss of confidence and the outbreak of discord among the team members. Misha obtained from Emma during the investigation, which was carried out remotely, in which he claimed that she was an inexperienced and incompetent leader: while she caused the fire, she stood idly by and exposed others to death. But Yang's testimony did not match, she said: Either intervened hysterically, which ignited the fire, which was quickly contained. But the full details of the truth were otherwise.

Under the leadership of a younger and experienced leader

Misha seems stubborn and indifferent to the orders issued by the monitoring center "Houston", he is one of the engineers of the Atlas spacecraft, and the man who recorded the longest time in outer space. He answered the call of his passion and broke the promise of his only daughter, in order to be the first man to set foot on the surface of Mars, in return, to lose his daughter’s love, and now she is a mother of three, whom she refuses to forgive. Whenever he called her and asked her for forgiveness, he only did so when he was about to be exposed to outer space. Perhaps it will be the last time he will speak to his wife.

Emma and Misha

Misha and Emma are waiting for a more difficult task than before, but an emergency and an adventure with unexplained consequences. Misha was still lacking confidence in Emma's eligibility and unwilling to abide by the instructions of his younger and experienced leader. He openly accused her of having remained passive at a time when everyone would have perished. Before that, while they were on the moon, he told her that he did not trust her, as is the attitude of Yang, who seems to be more compatible and in tune with Misha.

It seems that the dream of these five of watching a blue sunset will not come true anymore. One of the wings of the solar panels did not complete the operation of the tide, so the vehicle would not be able to move forward, and everyone would perish due to the lack of energy. The solution is for Emma and Misha to go out to outer space to fix the technical malfunction, and Misha would not wait for any instructions from the Houston Supervision Center. "We will wait 3 hours of discussions before informing us of the need to exit," he said, leaving the team meeting, sure that this is what will happen.

And between moments of stubbornness or vanity, as some might see it, while Misha considers it self-confidence, as long as he is the man who made space his home, the Russian man’s spirit does not deviate from his sense of humor, if he is proud of making his vodka in space, and this is considered an unparalleled achievement first Space-grown plants by Kwesi. At a moment when everyone was waiting for their perdition, Yang asked him to take some vodka to her, but he did not bring it with him from the bedrooms, which was impossible to return to, as he forgot and took in exchange the dolls he made. And he gave a fun show with Kwesi, which his grandchildren attended, remotely, on New Year's Day. Misha asked Yang not to tell anyone about it, otherwise he would be expelled from Russia, and everyone burst into laughter while they waited for the moment of death.

Killer Spectrum .. A scientist from the University of Miracles

The Quesi garden appears arid, its cheerful green turning dark brown, except for one plant. Kwesi found only a foolish explanation for this. Yang quipped, "You are a scientist graduating from the University of Belief in Miracles." How did this happen? While everyone does not find enough water to quench their thirst, the water generation system has broken down. Misha claimed he was able to fix it, but instead the backup generation system was running at half its capacity.

In outer space, some parts of the body become atrophied. Kwesi has lost a piece of his foot while Misha has lost what was much more expensive, which is why he has not succeeded in repairing the water generation system. Kwesi was not aware of the implications of staying longer in space. He knows this fact for the first time from Aya, and he is terrified that he will not be able to get an erection again.

The water shortage and its serious symptoms were a fiercely opposed factor, capable of dissuading the team from continuing their journey. They kept running water for much longer, until they were unable to move forward. This was the most dangerous stage, I forgot them in fear of being infected with the virus that infected Aya, which led to his fever and fever, which I took towards the pressure room, following the mirage of his older brother who died. It was very difficult to dissuade him from this folly, as he guided until they injected him with the sedative. He remained in isolation for days on end, until he committed another foolishness, while he was not aware of anything of that.

Women raise half the sky

A heart that is either separated between the challenges that hinder the success of their journey, and her husband, who underwent surgery due to his genetic disease, to be discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair, and no one knows whether he will stand on his feet again or not. Their teenage daughter also has a declining educational attainment, and she is associated with a boy two years older than her, who loves cycling. She loved the experience again and again until she had an accident that nearly broke her neck, and even after she survived and improved, she decided that it was necessary to face her fears and undergo a medical examination to confirm whether she inherited the disease from her father, because her mother's fears accumulated on her again.

Two women from time to time discord and sharp disagreement erupted between them. Yanie initially accused Emma of gossiping about divulging her sexual orientations in front of others. Later, she accuses her leader of cowardice and wanting to return home whenever a family emergency occurs on the surface of the earth. And here is the dispute over and over again, after Houston proposed returning Atlas to Earth. Yang claimed that Emma's husband was the one making the suggestion, although he was no longer permitted to enter the monitoring center and suggest decisions, as Emma claimed, and she was wronged by Yang to make the matter personally between them.

Before them, a vehicle carrying supplies, water and equipment was due to arrive on Mars. Atlas is weeks away from the target, but Houston has lost contact with the supply vehicle. This opened an almost certain possibility for its explosion in the Martian atmosphere, at a time when this was their only hope for survival after they were exhausted by drought. But another spacecraft would arrive in months, and they could not wait, so the suggestion was that they would shoot Atlas across the orbit of Mars to meet the second spacecraft, get supplies, and return home safely.

During Emma's absence, Kwesi and Aya enter their return directions, catch a glimpse of the Red Planet for the last time, and begin to abandon the dream that has haunted humanity for years, but hey !! Misha and Yang join up; Chinese women have an idea. Perhaps they will be able to resume the journey?

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