How to earn a lot of money quickly and cheaply or for free


who has a lot of money can buy what he dreams of in terms of cars, real estate, and products, and he can get the best special services in terms of education, treatment, and entertainment for himself and his family, in addition to financial stability.

And whoever has little money, he probably does not own anything and is unable to obtain special services. It is satisfied with government services (government schools, government universities, government hospitals, public beaches, ... etc).

Of course, it is not financially stable, so if an emergency occurs to it, the possibility of borrowing from others or showing its need for others. She fulfilled the second category and you want to join the first category, so you must work, but not as an employee, as the job will achieve what you want. It's a smart business to start on your own.

Below we give you smart suggestions that will help you earn a lot of money, and the most important thing is that you pour very quickly and most of them do not require much money to be implemented, "some of them are free."

The following suggestions are not ranked from most profitable to least profitable but rather arranged for coordination purposes.


E-commerce has become a source of wealth for many, even for those who start with little money. You also can make a lot of money quickly and at a few costs by entering the world of e-commerce.

For example, you can sell high-demand goods that can be successfully sold online, such as make-up, accessories, clothes, etc. And through many methods, completely free of charge, your start maybe through an Instagram account, or through a Twitter account. And it may be through selling on popular online stores such as Amazon.

Auto trade (minor costs)

Car showrooms pay millions to buy cars from international auto companies and resell them to citizens at prices that guarantee them to earn a lot of money.

And it would be crazy to tell you, as someone who doesn't have much money, to go and open a car showroom and buy dozens of cars to sell and profit from.

But we can say that you can start trading cars without paying the price.

You only need a place equipped with an area of ​​100 square meters to display the cars of others who want to sell them, to get a commission of not less than 5% of the price of each car you sell.

Just imagine how much money you can make in just one year if you are a good seller in a good place (this work so well in America will make dollars fall on your head).

Specialty coffee (a lot of money without owning a coffee shop)

Specialty coffee is a term that was used in the mid-1970s to describe the best flavor beans.

The specialty coffee market is the fastest growing in the overall coffee market. For years there were no local or private cafés. There were even subsidiaries of international companies such as Starbucks, Dunkin 'Donuts, and Java Time. Lovers of premium coffee had to go for it.

Now, after the emergence of the "coffee fashion", and a large number of people tend to drink coffee daily. Some young people and small investors have tended to establish coffee shops and mobile cafes, in which the finest coffee beans are roasted and ground.

From there, consumers are offered specialty coffee. You also can profit from the current fashion of coffee without having a cafe to sell it but in a variety of other ways.

Copper extraction (earns a lot of money in record time)

It is not intended to excavate underground, as occurs when extracting gold, diamonds, and precious stones. Rather, it is a process based on burning damaged electricity wires that can be obtained at low prices to extract copper from them.

This copper can be rolled up and sold by the ton at great prices. And you can rely on primitive methods in the burning process to save money. So, all you need is money to buy the damaged wires and a remote location for the burning operations. In the end, she sells the copper to the factories and makes a lot of money.

Working on the Internet (a lot of money from many sources)

Some won 100 dollars, some won 100 thousand dollars, and there are those whose profits exceeded a million dollars, and the matter even reached billions with some. The common factor among the majority, even with different types of work, is the humble beginning. Most of those who worked and profit from the Internet started their business with very little money, and some started without costing a single cent. Examples of businesses that can be practiced online and profit through them without any costs or with small costs of up to $ 500 are the following.

1- Establishing a social, entertainment, sports channel, or in any field that targets a large segment of people on YouTube, and profit through Adsense ads. In an advanced stage, it is possible to profit from sponsorships and special advertisements for some bodies and agencies.

2- Create an Instagram account and promote it for free until you reach 100 thousand followers or more, and then you can promote products and companies offers and earn a lot of money from this fun and easy work.

3- The Instagram experience can be repeated on Snapchat, by photographing useful or entertaining snaps and making a profit in the same way mentioned.

4- Create a sport, entertainment, or educational application, and its implementation may cost you about $ 500. And a lot of money can be earned through it through AdMob ads, through private ads for companies, through selling premium subscriptions, and other methods.

5- Creating an advertising, educational, or sports website with approximately the same value of the application, and perhaps for a smaller amount, and through it, you can earn a lot through Google Adsense ads, special ads, and affiliate marketing.

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