The success story of Thomas Lipton owner of the Lipton tea empire


Lipton tea is considered one of the most luxurious teas in the world, as it is a product of the Lipton company products, which was the basis of the tea industry and its products have recently diversified into many hot and cold drinks, which are high quality products and most people accept to buy them to ensure their quality and different flavor. The founder of the company, Thomas Lipton, was from The most influential person in the United States of America, and together we will learn about the success story of the founder and owner of Lipton.

Thomas Lipton's birth and upbringing

He is Sir “Thomas Johnston Lipton”. He was born in Scotland in 1848 and was educated in a school near the town in which he lived until 1863 and went to work at the age of thirteen as a simple worker at a printing press to help his father, who was a simple worker and moved between many jobs To bear the living and go to school in the evening shift.

The dream of moving to the United States of America

When "Thomas Lipton" reached the age of fifteen, he worked as a porter on a ship to transport goods and he liked his job because he made him see the sea that he loved so much and he always listened to the stories of sailors who were coming from the United States of America and his dream was to travel there and indeed his dream was fulfilled and traveled He came to the United States and lived there for five years, during which he moved between many businesses, where he worked as a salesman on a farm in Virginia, then as an accountant in a rice farm in South Carolina, then a farmer and a grocer's assistant in New York, until he knocked on the doors of houses to sell various things to people.

Lipton tea starts

"Thomas Lipton" returned to Britain and lived with his family in 1870, and about a year later he established his first shop for grocery purposes and was able to make good profits and soon after that he established a number of stores in the name of Lipton, which reached 300 stores within 17 years. Thomas Lipton went to the world of tea industry in 1888 and during this period the rates of demand for tea were increasing dramatically with the decline in prices, so he allocated all his stores and money in the tea business and thus Thomas established the Lipton brand and named it after his family name in honor And he began to sell tea at low prices, and then Lipton visited Sri Lanka and made deals with a number of merchants there, and he sold Sri Lankan tea in both Europe and the United States of America at the beginning of the year 1890.

Thomas Lipton is a first-class athlete

It was known that Lipton was the most participating competitor in the United States Cup for Sailing Yachting, so he won this cup five times between 1899 and 1930. The fame of his trade in tea and Lipton made a donation to establish the cup competition, which Argentina and Uruguay were competing in it. football.

Charitable works for the owner of the most famous tea brand in the world

Thomas Lipton was working to help volunteers from medical organizations during the World War and a picture of him was placed on the cover of the American Time magazine on November 3 of 1924 to increase his popularity among the people. Lipton was a humble man although he was always proud of himself and his life And his struggle until he reached the top of fame and wealth.

The death of "Thomas Lipton"

Thomas Lipton died on October 2, 1931 in London, leaving behind the good reputation that remained with him until his death and the wide fame he achieved and his success story that must be studied for people to benefit from it and their success is inspired by the story of a man who struggled until he became the owner of the brand Lipton which is one of the best brands of tea in the world.

Sources : BBC Arabic / Wikipeaida

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