The success story of the Ulker Biscuit Company .. Take advantage of it


Ulker is a food products company of Turkish origin, and its main products are biscuits and chocolate chips, and it exports its products around the world to more than 110 countries and its annual profits reach more than 820 million dollars, which started as a small factory for the production of biscuits and we will get to know the most important stations that the company has gone through in its history so far in This article.

The beginning of the idea of ​​making biscuits

Sabri Ulker was the Turkish man who started from scratch and struggled until he established a small workshop to manufacture children’s biscuits in 1944, whose area did not even reach to look like a factory. He later became the owner of one of the largest food products companies in the world. His brother helped him in the work of this workshop and they manufactured Different kinds of biscuits with the help of their mother and distributed to the children for free.

Incorporation of Ulker Corporation

Children liked Ulker biscuit products and they always asked them until the popularity of these products increased and knew a lot until the first small factory for the manufacture of Ulker biscuits was opened in 1948 and it was staffed by 6 employees until the factory’s products became famous.

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The Ulker company has gained wide international fame

The production of the Ulker company increased until it exported its products to the countries of the Middle East in the 1970s. The company's production lines also increased and expanded and gained great fame in many countries of the world.

Missteps by the company Ulker at the height of its fame

The Turkish government has classified Ulker company as an Islamic company, due to the position of “Sabri Ulker”, the owner of the company against the secular trend. The distributors are secretly and out of the sight of the Turkish government, and the company returned to sell its products without the government knowing about it.

Ulker comeback is stronger than before

With time, many local demonstrations were organized demanding the return of Ulker products in the commercial market until the government lifted the ban on Ulker and this was the real launch of the company as it achieved great success in its field and its products swept the Turkish and international markets as well, and new products were added to Ulker products. Basic biscuits and chocolate such as (breakfast cereals, baby food, ketchup, soup, coffee, ice cream, Turkish labneh, vegetable oils, and dairy products).

The strongest achievements of the walker company

  • In 1996 the Ulker Corporation won the World Star Packaging Award.
  • The first factory of Ulker Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in Jeddah in 1999
  • Ulker won the Candy Company award in Europe in 2004.
  • Ulker made a profit of about 660 million Turkish liras and that was in 2011.
  • The company now employs more than 11 thousand employees, and Ulker always ranks among the top five in the list of the best manufacturers of food products in Turkey.
  • Ulker became Coca-Cola's fiercest competitor in terms of sales and profit after the launch of Ulker, a soft drink called Cola Turka.
  • Ulker acquired Godiva, the chocolate maker, in a deal worth $ 850 million.

The new management of the company Ulker

"Sabri Ulker" was away as much as possible from political life and the lights, unlike many businessmen and wealthy people in the world. He was only busy with the work of his company and how to develop it. He was often doing charitable work, especially in the field of education, until he passed away in 2012 after a success story that lasted for more than 90 A year ago, he was succeeded by the large and successful Ulker empire, which came in a new era of administration at the hands of his son “Murat Ulker,” who continued his father’s success that continued until now.
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