ATI Technology Founder's Success Story (From Selling Vegetables to Getting Rich)


"Kwok yuen ho", founder of ATI Technology Company, was born in 1950 to a Chinese family that owned millions but lost them at the hands of the Chinese Communist Revolution. "Kwok" was the youngest member of the family and they had a garden where he grew some vegetables, and he sold them. But he going to Hong Kong to work there, where there are many factories and job opportunities, and he used to send all his money to his family.

In 1962 the whole family met again, but in Hong Kong with their father, and they lived in a one-room house only, but Kwok yuen ho's life did not end at this point, but he managed to establish ATI Technology and was able to transform from a poor person He was selling vegetables as a young man to a wealthy and successful businessman.

Learn about his success story with us below.

His study and work

"Kwok" won a scholarship to study electrical engineering at the Taiwanese Cheng Kung University, and in 1974 he finished his studies, and after his graduation, he got a job at the Control Data Company and then moved to work for the Philips company and then he worked at the National Company, and then he went to Wong Company Electronics to hold the position of general manager of the company.

Immigration to Canada

Despite the great successes he achieved on the practical level over the course of a whole decade, Kwok decided to emigrate to Canada hoping that his practical and scientific experiences would help him get a suitable job, but this did because he didn't get a suitable job there.

Incorporation of ATI Technologies

Kwok met the two brothers, "Bani and Lee," who are graduates of the Canadian University of Toronto and own a company called Conway Computers. The three friends decided to take a new risk, so they gathered all their possessions and borrowed from their family and friends until they were able to collect 300 thousand dollars, and with this amount ATI “an abbreviation for the Array Technologies Industry” was established, a company specializing in technological industries, and the first product of ATI was a card An upgrade that increases computer memory and adds a serial and another output device to the printer.

Company name changed

The company’s name has changed twice, the first time it changed to Array Technologies Inc and the second time it changed to ATi Technologies Inc.

It is worth noting that the process of changing the name of the company was not chosen in vain or according to the whims of the partners, but rather to indicate the method used in manufacturing electronic chips at the time.

It is also worth noting that the company did not change its name after that despite the change in manufacturing methods and the emergence of newer technologies.

Perhaps because of the fame the company has acquired, and maybe other reasons.

Premium VIP Card

In 1987, "Kwok" created a display card called (VIP). What distinguished this card was that it was working to combine all the standards used in other products available in the market.

At that time, the company focused all its focus on making graphics cards, and what encouraged "Kwok" and those in charge of ATI to that decision was the availability of the necessary capital to carry out manufacturing operations, especially with the launch of the VEGA Wonders and Vega Wonders cards for IBM computers.

Save ATI from bankruptcy

ATI was on the brink of bankruptcy, and saving it needed to sell display cards in large quantities. Fortunately, Commodore Electronics made an offer to buy 7,000 graphics slides per week, and this returned ATI with profits estimated at 10 million dollars.

Strong management and new product

In order to ensure the continuity of your company, it is necessary to have strong financial management and advanced technical creativity that does not stop at a certain limit, and indeed this happened at ATI.

In 1994, its advanced product was launched, the (Mach 64) chip and this chip was powerful at its time as it added something very important to the computer, which is that you can play video on the computer without the need for any additional chip, these chip-enabled computer users at the time to play compressed videos in the format MPEG-1 without the need for expensive RealMagic cards

It is worth noting that ATI worked to develop this chip later so that computer users can watch videos and also modify them without the need for any additional chips.

ATI company are buying competitors

ATI bought many of its competitors in the market to operate and produce under its name. In 1997, Tseng Labs, a company specializing in the manufacture of graphics chips, was bought, and in the following year, ATI’s revenues exceeded the one billion dollar mark and “Kwok yuen ho” was chosen as a man. Business season in Canada.

In 2000, ATI bought ARTX, a company specialized in producing display cards, for $ 400 million, and in 2002, the first mobile graphics processor was launched by ATI.

Kwok yuen ho steps down from running the company

In 2004, Kwok stepped down from managing the company and remained a member of the board of directors. In 2005, ATI was declared the largest company in the world to manufacture graphics processors, and in 2006 ATI merged with AMD in a deal valued at $ 5.4 billion. ATI retained its name and logo even though it became part of AMD.

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