Online business ideas with a budget of less than $200


Online business ideas with a budget of less than $200

Online projects are characterized by lower costs compared to traditional projects.

Whether it's start-up or operational costs, there are hundreds of companies that have started with little amounts you might not even imagine.

Today's dominating Facebook in the online world was started by a college student without those huge costs.

In addition to Dell, which was started with $1,000 in a university room by Michael Dell. In this article, we will provide you with electronic project ideas that you can start with a budget of less than $200.

There are a lot of e-business ideas that you can start with a little capital, and in the beginning you can do them in your spare time and then gradually rely on them.

Leave your old job and go directly to a new project that may have some risks, as the project may fail or you may find the project not suitable for you.

Content project ideas

Content project ideas

Create a blog

The project of creating a blog is a profitable project where the profit process results from displaying advertisements inside and it is the easiest and simplest way to start your online project.

You can even start it for free through the Blogger platform.

If you want more features, you can switch to WordPress.

In this case, you will need your own domain and hosting, and sometimes a paid template and a set of plugins.

As for the sources of profit from the blog, they are many, so you can profit by subscribing to Google Adsense or Affiliate or selling books and products, and other ways.

Of course, you will need to learn how to deal with content management systems such as WordPress and Blogger and how to manage the blog and improve it in search engines.

Estimated costs: $40 to host for a year with a free domain. Or $0 when using Blogger.

Create a YouTube channel

The YouTube channel is a great electronic project idea if you are a fan of visual content and being in front of the camera.

Which you can create completely free of charge, but you will need to own some tools such as cameras, lighting, and a editing program.

While you can use your phone initially.

And the ways to profit from them are similar to the blog, through Adsense, commission marketing, advertising for companies and businesses.

Create courses

As you know that experience is the cornerstone of every project, without experience you will need to pay money, and through experience you can reduce costs and use it as a way to make money, by creating courses and selling them on Udemy.

Which is the best site for selling courses, millions of people visit every day in order to search for courses in specific fields, and you can create a course in any field you think you are capable.

Although you will need some tools, there are always free options, such as using a phone mic.

Cost: Selling on Udemy is free, video editing software costs from $50 to $100. As well as your personal phone and a coordinator place to record courses.

podcast recording

Podcasts are another electronic project idea, which can be next to your blog, site, or stand-alone project, and it is known that users love audio content; Because it allows them to listen to topics of interest to them everywhere and at any time, as opposed to visual or textual content.

Podcasts are another online project idea, which can be next to your blog, site, or stand-alone project, and it is known that users love audio content; Because it allows them to listen to topics of interest to them everywhere and at any time, as opposed to visual or textual content.

Cost: From $200 to purchase the microphone and montage software.

Tech online project ideas

Tech online project ideas

E-book store

If you love writing, creating e-books might be the right project for you.

Which can cover many topics such as novels, children's books, guides, cookbooks and others.

The nice thing about the idea of an e-books project. It is that it allows you to have a source of passive income which means you can earn thousands of dollars without making any effort.

The Amazon Kindle is the starting point. It is the leading book sales site, and you will be showing your books to millions of people interested in reading.

It does not require a large capital, you just need to have knowledge of the topic you are writing about and then upload it to a book selling site such as Amazon, which supports downloading books in pdf format and Microsoft Word documents.

Estimated costs: $180.

Create apps

An excellent online project idea for those who understand the design and development of applications, examples of which have been very successful are Facebook and Instagram.

There are hundreds of ideas in this regard. You can launch a photo editing application, a game on the smartphones, a file reader and other applications that people need in their daily lives.

Costs: You can start building a simple app for as little as $200.

Buying and selling websites domains

If you have money that you want to invest and are looking for an online project idea that does not need a lot of time, you can start by buying domains, at reasonable prices, and then buy them at a higher price.

At the same time, there are many people who want to sell their websites.

You might buy a website for $100 with little effort or hire an SEO specialist.

The site is sold after a few weeks for $1,000, and at the same time you can buy a domain at a price of $10 and then sell it for $500 or maybe higher, depending on the importance and attractiveness of the domain.

Chris Clark booked the domain in 1994 for $20 and sold it in 2008 for $2.6 million.

As for the domain costs, you only need $10 from the Hostinger website.

And the sites you can also start for $ 150 with some costs to improve the site.

You can also use the famous site Sedo to sell your domain.

Ideas for marketing online projects

Ideas for marketing online projects

Commission marketing

The idea of an digital project, depends on targeting the right people and doing some sales, and each sale is a pre-agreed commission.

For project costs, you may be zero if free promotion methods are rely on, for example, Blog, YouTube Channel or Social Communication Platforms, or you can use ads paid to social media and Google ads.

It is only dependent on the marketing method, and for marketing is free and there is no company imposing a fee for the affiliate program.

The estimated costs: 0 dollars if rely on free marketing methods, less than $ 200 for paid.

Start Amazon FBA

If you like marketing, and you can find and close the deals with high skill, Amazon FBA is best suited to you.

Its idea to buy products and shipped to Amazon's warehouses, which in turn will be packed, storage and delivery to the client.

What you need is just a seller account, which is free except that Amazon allows a paid account for $ 39.99 with more features.

Cost: less than $ 100.

Ideas for private digital projects

Ideas for private digital projects

Build a digital shop to sell images and graphics

If you are designer, photographer or musician, there are a lot of ways to start your e-project.

For example you can build a shop to sell photos and designs, or to download your music.

Or create a channel on YouTube for marketing for your work.

Examples of sites that sell images, the site of ELEMENTS ENVATO that allows you to download images divided by categories and colors.

You can create one like it.

Become a freelancer

With the enrollment of online digital projects, there has been a request for freelancers from various fields either in design, writing, programming, e-marketing, and others, which do not need so much money.

You can learn skills without anything just internet and computer costs, there are hundreds of free training courses Especially on YouTube.

The cost of this project: is your time. Where you need to develop your skills to enhance your employment opportunity and choose to accomplish tasks.

Ideas for others online projects

Ideas for others online projects

Trading of shares and Forex

Trading is prepared by some risk, but if you start in a step-by-step learning will gain experience and knowledge in this area.

The main thing is to find a way or person to learn from it forex trading and shares.

There are many courses that enable you.

The idea of trading on shares and Forex trading, purchased at a lower price and selling at a higher price.

There are also certain pads that allow you this kind of trade, and do not need a major capital.

But definitely profits associated with invested capital size.

Digital currency trading

We all saw the big jump for the price of the Pattern, think about if you purchase 1 kettle how much would you be profit now?

The distinctive thing is you can buy parts of encrypted currencies, you can get an equivalent of $ 100 or $ 200 from the biking and trading.

But you must first gain some knowledge in the field before you start.


When comparing the idea of the online and the traditional project. There is a significant difference, in the traditional project you will need to look for a place for rent and bank loans. Employers and their insurance, train them and many complex matters.

But in the online project will not need to be complex, for example within half an hour you will have a blog.

As money is not everything, you must have experience in the project you want to start, every 15 projects listed above need experience in something.

If we talk about the YouTube channel, they require you experiences in montage, throwing and photography, and for the design of templates certainly must have experience in programming.

Without this experience you will need to pay more money to hire some independents to implement your e-project.

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