Facebook struggles to find out the real number of its users


Facebook struggles to find out the real number of its users

Facebook internal documents revealed that it sought to find out the number of users who create more than one account, and how to deal with them.

It was found through the documents that there is a phenomenon represented by individual users with multiple accounts, which is very prevalent on the website.

The discovery came after examining nearly 5,000 new subscriptions, and data showed that between 32% and 56% of these accounts were opened by existing users.

Facebook's system aims to detect such accounts, and not include them in the statistics of the number of user accounts.

According to a document published last May, the number of American Facebook users in their twenties who are active at least once a month often exceeds the total number of Americans of that age.

This problem was expressed in the document using the phrase “Single User Multiple Accounts”. The document asserts that this problem makes the number of active Facebook users every day "less reliable".

This poses a problem for advertisers, who want to know the real number of users, to make decisions about their ads. However, Facebook says it does not set prices for advertisers based on its "estimates of the target audience" of the ad.

Facebook estimates that 11% of the world's 2.9 billion monthly active users are "multiple or duplicate accounts".

Because of this problem and "overestimating" the number of accounts, viewers and followers, advertisers filed lawsuits on Facebook, which the latter settled, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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