An asteroid described by NASA as "dangerous" is scheduled to enter Earth's orbit next week


An asteroid described by NASA as "dangerous" is scheduled to enter Earth's orbit next week

In the next few days we are on a date with the approach of the asteroid 4600 Nereus, which is scheduled to enter Earth and which is said to be larger than the Eiffel Tower.

The asteroid 4660 Nereus will break into the orbit of our planet on December 11, and it is likely to pass close to Earth without damage, and it will pass the closest point to Earth ever during the past twenty years, despite this, NASA still considers the meteor a “potential danger.” Because it passes very close to the Earth at a distance of about 7.4 million km, which is approximately 10 times the distance between the Moon and the Earth.

Now, while the asteroid is still far from Earth, NASA still considers it a “near-Earth object,” however, Forbes stated that “NASA” is monitoring it, looking for data that can be used in future studies, given the distinctive shape of the Nereus asteroid and the path of its orbit with the sun, it will be an asteroid Ideal for dispatching a motorized vehicle as well as for mining purposes.

Previous studies had indicated that Nereus would be an ideal asteroid to extract minerals such as iron, nickel and cobalt. Although its path is not currently in the stage of collision with Earth, any slight change could constitute a major disaster.

Asteroid 4660 Nereus is technically dangerous due to its size and proximity to Earth, but this could make it one of the best potential targets for a future spacecraft mission.

There is no idea yet how this asteroid will pass in Earth's orbit, but scientists are closely monitoring the movement of this 330-meter asteroid and are still collecting more data that may have future uses, as it may be a suitable tool to operate the bases on Mars or the Moon more fully. The orbit of our planet one day, astronomers may succeed in exploiting this phenomenon, and it is worth noting that the asteroid Nereus has been a proposed target for a robotic exploration mission several times in the past. One of the most potent asteroids may be an excellent candidate for mining.

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