Profit from YouTube: the first advice to all beginners


Profit from YouTube: the first advice to all beginners

In recent times, the field of profit from YouTube has spread greatly, and hundreds and even thousands of people have gone to create a YouTube channel.

But they create channels that are not distinctive, and in order to create a distinct channel, you must know that specializing in content is the most important thing.

Today, YouTube is considered an essential source of knowledge, learning and benefiting from others, in addition to being an essential station to learn about the latest news.

How to earn from YouTube

In order to be monetized on YouTube, you must apply for the YouTube Partner Program and additionally have your application approved.

But you may also be eligible to receive rewards for short videos through the YouTube Short Video Fund without joining the YouTube Partner Program, in other words without meeting the conditions.

YouTube Earning Terms

  • Adherence to Adsense policies.
  • Channel compliance with YouTube monetization policies.
  • You are in countries available in the YouTube Partner Program.
  • 4000 watch hours in the last year (last 12 months) and 1000 subscribers.
  • You have not received any active Community Guidelines violation notice on your channel.
  • Having an account on Google Adsense and linking it to the channel, and the condition of owning only one account.
  • Sometimes the channel is rejected in the review due to the content.
  • You must first make sure that 2-Step Verification is enabled on your Google Account.

Average Earnings on YouTube

When creating a YouTube channel to profit from it, the first question in front of the content creator is: “1000 views equals how many dollars.”

But we will talk about the ratio of the average of 1000 views (RPM), where the average profit from YouTube is from 1 to 2 dollars per thousand views, and this is for Arabic content and there are seasons in which a thousand views reach 3 dollars, and as for foreign content, a thousand views reach up to Average 2 to 5 dollars.

But there are other ways to profit, for example, affiliation, super chat, and a thank you feature. In addition, the goods shelf, but the goods shelf must have 10,000 subscribers and others, and we will talk about it in detail soon..

Youtube specialization

The most important advice is to focus on exclusive content of its own that is not diverse, as diversity in content distracts your attention and the attention of the audience, which leads to difficulty in reaching your channel. Among the advantages of specializing in the following content:

  • The possibility of focusing and developing the content.
  • Find your channel easily.
  • Easy to get subscribers interested in your content.

Tips to achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours

  1. Create a channel for the field you are interested in, for example: educational content.
  2. Keep posting constantly updated but quality content.
  3. Put quality as a primary slogan in your channel before anything else and not create a large amount of worthless content.
  4. Marketing is an important element for the success of your channel, as there are free and paid methods. But you can use appropriate methods to advertise your content for free.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you and tell you that we will talk about all these topics in detail in the upcoming articles.

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