3 ways to immigrate to USA

3 ways to immigrate to USA

I think that the chances of going to the United States are now limited to three means:

Immigration lottery

Have good luck and win the immigration lottery, called the green card lottery, applying for it is free and is conducted online on a government website dedicated to it.

However, the site is only available during the application period, which usually lasts for two months, from October 1 to December 1. It is an experience that will not cost anything. Therefore, I suggest that whoever thinks about immigration should try his luck every year, and who knows, he may be among those who get immigration every year through this section, and it is in fact the best and easiest way.

Immigration by study

And because it is expensive, I mean scholarships, which is a not easy path and is, of course, available to those who have excelled in studies, then they can correspond with American universities and try to obtain scholarships for postgraduate studies.

Whoever wants to plan while he is still a student, let him know that his effort and excellence in the universities of his country may be his way to travel abroad, especially to the United States or Canada.

Obtaining a tourist visa

The most common ones are to obtain a tourist visa, enter the United States as a tourist, then stay and work until he obtains legal residency that allows him to work legally.

This method may be the easiest to cross the ocean into the United States, but it heralds many difficulties after that, many people came with a tourist visa and achieved success.

Among the medical graduates, some brought it and then studied for the equivalence of their degree in the United States and continued in the field of medicine, which is an excellent way for those who can endure their difficult beginnings, as a medical student who studies equation will have to work and study at the same time.

This is what I know in brief at the moment. 

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