List of the most important museums in Lebanon

National Museum of Beirut

There are great museums and places for tourism in Lebanon, the most prominent of which are:

National Museum of Beirut

The National Museum is located in Beirut on what was previously known as the Green Line and is one of the most important museums in Lebanon.

It houses many rich collections of historical artifacts from the prehistoric period to the Ottoman era.

Which were found in the Lebanese territories, such as funerary artifacts, Ottoman stone inscriptions, pottery, stone and ivory amulets, carved statues, jewelry, weapons, and human sarcophagi, which date back to the Phoenician period from the sixth to the fourth century BC, in addition to Sculpture made of white marble from Paros designed in Egyptian style, and Roman frescoes.

 Mim Museum Lebanon: Mineral Museum

The Mim Museum is located in BeirutLebanon, within the boundaries of Saint Joseph University, close to the National Museum.

This exhibition includes many archaeological collections, such as fish fossils that were found in the city of Byblos, and rare groups of pterosaur fossils, and there are screens showing visitors the museum's holdings and clear information about them.

Mim Museum Lebanon: Mineral Museum

Other museums in Lebanon

Many museums contain many antiquities, including:

  • Robert Moawad Private Museum: It is considered one of the important cultural centers, and includes an impressive collection of Robert Moawad's works.
  • Gibran Museum: It is a wonderful cultural museum, which includes a selection of the works of the poet and artist Khalil Gibran.
  • The Archaeological Museum of the American University: It is located in the city of Beirut, and its foundation dates back to 1868.
  • Musée du Savon: It is an old museum, dating back to the seventeenth century AD, and it includes the most important collections of Sidon.
  • Sursock Museum: It is a museum of contemporary art, housed in a building from 1912.