How can I be diligent in my studies?

How can I be diligent in my studies?


The student should organize his study times by making a daily list to help him in arranging his study affairs.

In addition to following his own study system that helps him to organize, solve, and process homework, the student can also do all of this on the computer.

Permanent review

Many students postpone studying and reviewing information until just before the exams.

This method is considered inappropriate, as it is preferable to follow the approach of daily review of the material to assist in good planning and effective preparation of the study.

writing notes

Several studies have shown that taking notes is one of the skills that contribute to an increase in the mental ability to remember information.

That is why it is recommended that these small notes be rewritten in order to install them in memory, and thus the ability to remember them in exams.

Tips for studying hard

There are many tips that help you study hard, including:

  • The student can go to institutes that help prepare for exams, as the process of self-study or school is not enough for them.
  • Seeing a pattern similar to exams, as this method helps to identify the common patterns of questions expected in the exam, and this method contributes to good handling of the exam paper and the solution with greater confidence, thus improving the academic level.
  • Study through a mind map, and this method is based on focusing on a main concept and then branching it into many small sections that relate to it, as it contributes to linking the terms with each other.
  • Study by reading aloud.
  • Pretending to teach someone else.
  • Read notes out loud.
  • The use of flashcards is a great educational tool that helps to activate memory and restore the information that has been memorized, and these cards contribute to the repetition of information, which is an effective way to build memory and ease the recall of information.