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Chinese astronauts arrive at the space station
  Three astronauts have entered the China-developed space station as they begin a three-month mission there, China Television Network Intern...
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The strongest Japanese horror movies.. Asian-style horror 😨
  Japanese dramas have always been famous for their police series and anime series that have attracted a following around the world for many...
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Between truth and myth, did the famous "Trojan War" take place?
  In the epic poem known as the Iliad, which along with the Odyssey is considered one of the most important epics and literary works in Euro...
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Opening the UFO file again .. China and Russia in the dock!
This was what Mr. Kenneth Arnold said after the noise rose around him because of his announcement of a strange event he witnessed in 1947, b...
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Tutankhamun's mask costs 200,000 Egyptian pounds.. Egypt's treasures in your home
  Egypt has inaugurated a factory dedicated to making high-quality reproductions of ancient Egyptian pharaonic antiquities, from large statu...
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How to choose and process clothes for donation
Admin 09 June 2021
  The donation of clothes is very important fact that the person who takes these clothes will benefit from them directly and also will give ...
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Online business ideas with a budget of less than $200
  Online projects are characterized by lower costs compared to traditional projects. Whether it's start-up or operational costs, there a...
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