Learn to code online: Best 9 coding websites

Learn to code online: best 8 coding websites

It seems that 2024 will not differ much from the previous two years of imposing a state of social distancing and increasing reliance on online courses in all fields.

Including programming, especially since programming is a science that is easy to teach remotely with the same efficiency that you feel when receiving face-to-face lectures.

With the necessary resources and tools, you can obtain a reliable certification in programming and start your career either for free or at minimal cost.

How can online learning be used?

Many are skeptical about the feasibility of distance learning and embrace the old-school ideology of physical attendance and peer interaction.

This is really necessary to study, but who said that it is no longer available in distance education?

It is possible to engage in open dialogues, visual, audio, and written with an endless number of students, academics, and professionals.

With easier access anywhere in the world, these diverse conversations are hour-long and enhance critical thinking, and pattern recognition, and improve the learning experience.

So you can now start studying any field you want online and you will find dozens of specialized websites that offer courses on what you want to learn, whether you are an amateur or a professional.

The best websites and courses to learn programming online

1. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization headquartered in the USA, dedicated to teaching programming for free.

With a wide variety of attractive content, the organization provides on its website interactive tutorials on coding and programming, supported by videos and articles.

To be able to help more than 40,000 students around the world find their dream job and work for companies such as Google, Spotify, Microsoft, and others.

You can get various FreeCodeCamp certificates after completing courses in various categories.

They offer content on web design, quality assurance, data visualization, and machine learning, they have a YouTube channel and 3000 hours of free learning.


2. Coursera

One of the best websites that offer distance learning programming courses or any other field of study, it is one of the best references for students, employees, and managers to develop skills and keep up with the latest in their field.

Coursera offers a lot of free courses, tutorials, and a lot of materials in any field you want to learn, and these materials are collected and taught by professors from the best universities in the world.

Most of the courses are free on the Coursera website, but if you want to obtain a certificate, it is paid.

There you will find a lot of areas in programming such as HTML, CSS, IoT programming, learning CPython for cryptocurrency, as well as JAVA, among others.


3. Codecademy

It is an online platform dedicated to everything related to coding and programming.

Its website confirms that around 45 million learners have developed their skills through the platform in just 7 years.

Your Codecademy learning journey can simply be started by initially testing your coding skills and finding the right level for you.

Whether you are a beginner, have some knowledge, or even reached a professional level, you will find everything you want on Codecademy.

The platform system allows you to take advantage of the learning-by-doing method by instantly testing your coding skills and commissioning the creation of programs and applications to ensure that what you have learned is 100% correct.

Teachers give you lots of feedback all the time.

The website offers a wide range of options and topics that you might want to learn from web developmentcomputer science, and machine learning, to web designgame development, and more.

It also provides the ability to learn a lot of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, Java, SQL, C++, PHP, and more.


4. Udemy platform

It is one of the highly distinguished and unique educational platforms, containing the largest collection of training courses in the world.

This is because the content you provide is user-generated, so you could be taught by a programmer, professor, or even your co-developer.

There are a lot of free courses on Udemy as well as paid courses in the world of web development.

If you are not sure how to choose the most suitable course for you, you can check the reviews given by others, which are a good measure of the quality of the course.

Check Udemy website Now.

Udemy platform

5. Udacity

It is one of the platforms that provides a wide variety of free and paid courses that help those who want to learn programming to develop their various skills.

Based on entering into realistic and required projects from major companies, which helps in contacting practical reality quickly and improving professional and technical skills.

Udacity gives you a free, time-limited level to master certain skills.

But the next levels are paid and there are a lot of payment and study options and the programs offered include programmingdata scienceartificial intelligencecloud computing, and others.


6. W3Schools

W3Schools is one of the largest and oldest online educational platforms that has been running efficiently since 1998.

Their SQL is highly recommended, as it teaches you to code, as well as constantly relearn certain syntax and commands to help you launch highly innovative projects.

Professionals usually refer to their SQL documentation on a regular basis until they have fully mastered a variety of programming tasks.

Even if you're a professional, W3Schools is rich in references and examples to help you stay ahead of the world's team of professionals and programmers.

It also includes a very diverse video library of useful educational programs.

Most of the courses are free, but obtaining a certificate will be paid, whether you choose HTML & CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, Java, or any of the various languages available, you will be programming straight away.


7. SoloLearn

If you want to learn programming but are completely intimidated by code, SoloLearn is the place to start.

This platform has turned learning programming into a highly interactive and social process, it has created a developer community where new learners can interact with them, collect points, and appear in the Top Learners section.

The site is available on the browser and on the mobile phone so that you can learn at any time and anywhere in addition to the ability to ask questions, answer others' questions, and listen to various answers and observations.

With courses on Python, C++, Java, Javascript, SQL, PHP, HTML & CSS, React, and Angular, you'll find a lot of coding issues on this website.

By the way, I got a free HTML certificate from this great website.


8. Microsoft Learn

Microsoft is introducing a new platform based on an interactive experience to learn technical skills that are compatible with Microsoft products and services including Azure, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Learn helps learners get a real-world experience with products already on the market.

It is suitable for all levels, whether professional or beginner and the student can choose to complete the entire course online and learn at their own pace.

There is also the possibility to join the interactive lessons provided by the experts in this program, and you can always get a certificate from either of the two systems.

Microsoft Learn

9. Hackr.io

It is one of the unique platforms, if you want to have short and various courses in one place, it allows anyone to publish their course, filters are provided to filter irrelevant courses and only deal with what suits your needs.

Whether you are a professional wants to learn the basics, or just get to know the programming field and test yourself in it, Hackr.io will provide you with a lot of excellent resources.

In the end, getting to know the best websites and courses to learn programming remotely will open up many job prospects for you, both now and in the future.

You will have the opportunity to learn at your own pace and choose the topics that interest you most.

At first, you may need to try more than one site until you find what is convenient for you, whether in terms of programs, cost, or even in terms of education period.