Aladdin Movie Review

Aladdin Movie Review

So far we have seen enough real-life films that are-shot Disney's famous animated films so we know they don't care much about breaking the mold.

It would not be surprising, therefore, that the real-life Aladdin, based on the classic animated film from 1992, would be satisfied for the most part by walking within the constraints of the original film.

You will feel that most of the scenes are familiar to fans of the original film, so if you are looking to see a film that takes a completely different approach, you may be disappointed. What the film offers us here is an enthusiastic and energetic adventure with fantastic optics that could have spent more time delivering something new.

Disney faced a big challenge in re-filming this film. How can you reintroduce Jinn? The very unique and distinctive role played by the late legend, Robin Williams?

But Will Smith's performance as Jinn with all the controversy he faced as being blue before the release was quite successful.

Smith skillfully avoids the one thing that would have completely failed his performance: trying to imitate the cartoon character Jenny performed by Robin Williams.

"Jenny" Williams was an amplification of the famous anarchist character, and Will Smith cleverly moves away from trying to match the performance. This "Jenny" is based on the magic of Smith and the amount of fun that it seems obvious to feel to play this role.

The story also gives the character Jenny here more depth than just a funny and blue Jenny, giving him an unexpectedly fun subplot.

But does Smith succeed in magic alone? It depends a lot on your opinion of Boyle Smith himself. While Robin Williams gave dozens of different voices and personalities to breathe life into Jenny, so that we wouldn't expect what to see next, this version looks a lot like just a blue Will Smith (or Hitch might be closer). So, your assessment of personality will vary depending on how willing you are to accept this issue.