Opening the UFO file again: China and Russia in the dock!

Opening the UFO file again .. China and Russia in the dock!

This was what Mr. Kenneth Arnold said after the noise rose around him because he announced a strange event he witnessed in 1947, before moving on to this mysterious event, I will tell you a secret 🤫 This topic may irritate some people, because of the firm belief in conspiracy theories.

If you believe in it fanatically, don't read on. Ah, one more thing, the content presented in the following lines is a bit horrifying. Therefore, it should be noted...

While Kenneth Arnold (an American civilian pilot) was flying his plane over Washington, D.C. on the afternoon of June 24, 1947, he saw 9 objects flying over Mount Rainier in a V shape, glowing bright blue and white, he said at the time.

He says that he estimated its speed at about 1,700 miles per hour (2,735.885 km / h). Arnold believed that what he saw as experimental operations of technology were secretly developed by the US military, and the terrifying response came from the US military...

The term UFO

The term UFO

Before completing the story, I forgot to clarify something, the term UFOs, where did it come from? When it came to the media, Arnold's story began to spread, and the voices of people rose around him, he described in one of his statements the movement of these strange objects, saying: "Its movement was like a dish that skips water." (Girls and ladies who wash dishes will understand this movement well.)

After that, this description spread, and this is normal, terms close to the general public spread rapidly. Hence the term "UFO", short for Unidentified Flying Objects.

It is reported that Mr. Kenneth stated in the following press reports that he did not mean that these objects take the form of plates. But it was too late, which meant no use. People liked this term and the images of dishes flying in their minds were ingrained in their minds, and there was no point in correcting it.

Especially after many films were produced about the phenomenon of UFOs, and depicted them in the form of flying dishes, then descending and leaving alien creatures that came to invade Earth or to deliver a message to us humans. (Strangely, these dishes have always landed in the USA 🤣)

Let's continue the story: a terrifying mysterious response from the US Army

The US military stated that it did not conduct any military experiment at that time at all, which pointed the finger at some competing countries - we will mention them shortly - as these countries hostile to the United States are interested in military development and harnessing technology in this direction, which prompted the US government to open investigations into these The case, especially after a person excavating on Mount Adams (also in Washington) confirmed what Mr. Arnold had seen at the same time, and reports of sightings of UFOs multiplied after this incident.

Similar reports and the strange Roswell incident

strange Roswell incident

After Kenneth's story spread thanks to the media, many citizens of the United States reported seeing UFOs, most notably about the Roswell incident that occurred on July 8, 1947, when a US Army airship (designated for surveillance) crashed in New Mexico.

The military declared it an ordinary incident and closed the story, until the 1970s, after this phenomenon proliferated throughout the United States, especially (perhaps that is why aliens land in the United States in fictional films). The origin of UFOLogy.

The term comes from two syllables UFO and Logy, the former for UFOs and the latter for science, which is the science that studies UFOs and analyzes their mysteries.

The emergence of this science led to the opening of the case of the Roswell incident, and scholars of this science claimed that the American army had found the remains of broken dishes, but they refused to disclose this, so the voices of conspiracy theories rose. (And the topic was too big.)

Cold War relationship with UFO

Perhaps, the US military ignored this hype or deliberately ignored it, and at the time these events were a trend today.

However the US government was forced to start official investigations in 1948 after some air traffic controllers reported seeing these UFOs, by the way, these pilots are well trained to check the skies, which confirmed the credibility of Mr. Arnold.

It was here that the accusing finger was pointed at the Soviet Union, as it was believed that these objects belonged to Russia.

The US Air Force put forward the possibility that these objects belonged to the weapons of the Soviet Union, and one theory suggested that they were spacecraft from extraterrestrial civilizations (high point).

Even worse is the government's statement that what Arnold and the prospector saw was a mirage and not really a UFO. However, something strange happened...

Bluebook project and a systematic study of the accident

Bluebook project and a systematic study of the accident

After some investigations, Project Blue Book was launched in 1952, the longest series of investigations conducted by the US Air Force, where an order was issued to terminate it in December 1969, and it aimed to study these phenomena and mysterious objects and analyze their data.

The project studied more than 12,000 reports of sightings of these objects, and the results indicated the following:

  • More than 90% of the observations are for celestial bodies such as stars, meteors, meteors, etc., or man-made machines such as planes, weapons, and others.
  • About 6% of the observations are anonymous and no one has been able to determine what these objects are. (Frightening, huh?) Mr. Arnold and the prospector may not have seen a mirage.

The fame of UFOs spread and embodied in many films, which cemented it in people's minds. Even if you ask someone from the period of the sixties and seventies until the beginning of the twenty-first century, you will find many stories about this mysterious phenomenon.

For the current generation, he was preoccupied with social media and a lot of news and statements about focusing on UFOs, but he knew it mostly from films, so it is by no means the story of the generation.

Here a question arises, why did this story come back again?

The twenty-first century, flying saucers and other things!

On June 3, 2021, The New York Times reported an increase in reported UFO sightings over the past two decades. On the other hand, officials insisted that most of these aircraft had nothing to do with the US military.

(On the sidelines, more than 120 UFOs have been reported over the past two decades in the USA) This raises the possibility that these are secret new technologies that the US military has insisted on keeping secret.

The US intelligence is scheduled to submit a report on this phenomenon to Congress on June 25, 2021.

A reliable video released by the US Department of Defense has spread, showing the monitoring of the movement of a foreign body...Do not be afraid and watch it 👇.

China and Russia in the dock

Officials have confirmed that they have reported more than 120 reports of these UFO sightings, but rule out the possibility that the dishes were extraterrestrial spacecraft.

This raises many questions and strikes aliens in their deepest beliefs, and the purpose of this statement is to get rid of the ideas formulated by the fertile imagination of the people, as some believe that the United States of America communicates with extraterrestrials secretly.

Among these explanations, which were expressed by officials, is that these objects may be research or weather balloons, moving quickly due to the force of the wind.

They added that they believe that these objects are secret weapons for rival countries such as China and Russia, and their fears are increasing day by day if these countries can achieve truly supersonic technology!

What do astronomers think?

What do astronomers think?

“Recently, there has been a wave of misinformation regarding UFOs,” Dr. Andy Fracknoy, an astronomer at the University of Francisco, told Scientific American, adding that these objects could be man-made compounds or celestial bodies.

On the other hand, Robert Schaefer, a writer and astronomer from the United States of America, stated that there are no aliens on Earth, and therefore the government cannot declare something that it does not have, (meaning the absence of aliens, which explains the government’s exclusion of this possibility) as some believe People say that the US government is in contact with aliens and they want to know this from the government.

Robert added that the government knows far less about aliens than UFO investigators.

Inevitable confrontation

As a result of increased media and public pressure on the US government, the intelligence community decided to break its silence and submit a report to Congress - as we mentioned - and according to "CNN", officials stated that this phenomenon represents a potential threat to national security and this phenomenon cannot be explained.

Michael Waltz, Representative and Member of the US House of Representatives, commented to CNN, "While attending some of the media sessions, I felt like no one knew what to do with it, everyone was hesitant about this issue!" He added that the situation is bad in any case, so what are the possibilities? Either aliens or a powerful enemy who managed to overtake the United States of America with very advanced technology, in both cases the situation is bad!

Finally, the questions raised in this regard and the possibilities are varied as well.

Are aliens real? What is the solution to the mystery of the phenomenon of UFOs? Maybe a competition between the big countries? Is there something the United States wants to hide? So many endless questions, but it's really terrifying.

So what is the advanced technology that pushes UFOs so fast!

Is the United States weaving something in secret?

Do China and Russia have a hidden hand in this situation?

Some people may be led by the conspiracy theory, I do not object, but I am against fanaticism without evidence, and unfortunately there is no evidence.