The best 12 Japanese horror movies: Asian-style horror 😨

The strongest Japanese horror movies.. Asian-style horror 😨

Japanese dramas have always been famous for their police series and anime series that have attracted a following around the world for many years, but did you know that there is an interesting list of Japanese horror films that will undoubtedly impress you...

Now we will give you a list of the most beautiful of them.

1. Ring


The movie was released in 1998 and is about a terrifying girl named Sadako who has long hair, scary eyes, and white clothes.

It appears to people when they watch one of the cursed video tapes that warns of certain death after 7 days, which makes it necessary for those who watched it to search for a way to break the curse before the end of the period. The movie is months from being known about and a foreign version of it was released in 2002.

2. Battle Royale

Battle Royale

The film was adapted from the novel of the same name and was produced in 2000.

It revolves around a group of high school students who are forced to compete with each other in matches where the strongest survive.

Only one person survives this competition, and despite the strange idea of the film, it will be one of the most beautiful I have seen because of the multiple human meanings it carries between the love of living and the human conscience of each person…

3. Hausu


The film revolves around a girl named "Usher" who is eager to spend the summer vacation with her father.

but her plans failed, which led her to invite her friends to go to her aunt's house for the vacation, but strange things happen there, as these girls will disappear one by one in circumstances Mysterious...

4. Audition


The release of this horror movie dates back to 1999.

He talks about a Japanese widower who is exhausted by grief over the separation of his wife, which prompted his son to suggest that he search for a new love that would change his life.

So he complained about it to one of his friends from the film producers, which prompted the latter to conduct mock auditions for his friend to choose a girl from among the applicants.

This is what really happened, as he fell in love with a young woman who later appears to be hiding many secrets...

5. Noroi


It is a Japanese horror movie released in the year 2005.

The film revolves around a documentary filmmaker, Masafumi Kobayashi, who investigates the supernatural occurrences that occur in Japan and are linked in one way or another with his legend of an ancient demon named Kagotoba.

While filming one of his films, Kobayashi mysteriously disappears, his house burns down, and his wife dies under the rubble...

6. Dark Water

Dark Water

A Japanese thriller film that was produced in the year 2002.

It revolves around Yoshimi, a mother who struggled a lot to get custody of her daughter and who decided to move to a new house and start a new life.

However, strange events began to appear in this house, as water was infiltrating its rooms and also began to appear on the roof of the house suspiciously.

Therefore, Yoshimi had to search for the secret of these events, especially after the owner of the house refused to help her...

7. One Cut of the Dead

One Cut of the Dead

The movie was produced in the year 2017, and it was very popular despite the low budget.

It revolves around a technical staff working on a horror movie about zombies in an abandoned water station in Japan since World War II.

The director of the film disagrees with the actors and decides to stop filming, but what if the film turns out to be true and zombies do appear…

8. Confessions

One Cut of the Dead

It is one of the films made in 2010.

Some are classified as mystery and thriller films, while others are classified under the list of horror films because of their strong bloody scenes.

The story revolves around a middle school teacher, Yokohei, whose only concern is to avenge the death of her daughter, who was killed by two students.

She calls them Student A and Student B, as she announces her separation from the school after conducting her revenge, so in what way could she have done this...? You have to watch the movie to find out.

9. A Page of Madness

One Cut of the Dead

It is a Japanese film produced in 1926.

It is one of the silent films that revolves around a person who desperately seeks to be hired as a janitor in a mental institution.

This is not to secure money, but rather to find a way to help him smuggle his wife out of the sanatorium after she recently attempted suicide in it...

10. Kuroneko


The movie was produced in 1986. It is set during the Civil War period in Japan.

Where a farmer's house was stormed by samurai soldiers who raped the wife "Yun" and her daughter-in-law, brutally murdering them, and then burning their house.

However, what is suspicious is that the spirits of these two women reappeared and were working to seduce the samurai soldiers and take them to the burning house, which appeared to them as a luxurious house, and there they were killing them in ugly ways in revenge for themselves...

11. Onibaba


This movie was produced in 1964.

The story of the film is exciting and strange at the same time and dates back to the fourteenth century, it talks about an old woman and her daughter-in-law, who were making their living by selling armor, weapons, and collectibles of soldiers who killed them as the only way to live under these circumstances.

Until a neighbor comes from the war to tell them that the old woman's son has died in battle, things get more complicated, leading them to involve this young man in their plans.

But what if the young man and the daughter-in-law fell in love!!

It has become endangering the old woman's work and standing in the way of her interests, which led her to resolve to take revenge...

12. Kwaidan


The film was produced in 1964.

His story revolves around four famous folklore stories in Japan that grandparents tell their grandchildren, the most beautiful of which is the black hair story that revolves around a samurai warrior who intends to marry a rich woman and leave his ex-wife despite his love for her only for money.

But he soon regrets it and decides to return to his old wife, but strange things will be waiting for him...