When Mossad killed Arab scientists: The assassination of Tunisian engineer Mohamed Zouari

When Mossad killed Arab scientists | The assassination of Tunisian engineer Mohamed Zouari

7 years ago, Tunisian engineer Mohamed Zouari was martyred on December 15, 2016, in Sfax.

An assassination caused a sensation in Tunisia and the Middle East, given the size of the person and his role in the Palestinian resistance.

Mohamed Zouari, who is close to Hamas, a movement active in fighting the occupation, was assassinated while he was about to start his car.

The process of his assassination was long and well thought out.

The Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, was distinguished for the nature of its target.

Even if the gray areas remain, The participation of the Israeli intelligence services leaves no room for doubt, According to many observers.

It must also be said that Tunisia's reaction in handling this investigation has been criticized in several respects, particularly about the slowness and transparency of the information.

The assassination of Mohamed Zouari was orchestrated from abroad, probably with agents in Tunisia.

Another point to note is that in 2019 the Israeli TV station admitted Mossad involvement in the murder.