5 best ways to learn Spanish

Spanish is the mother tongue of more than 405 million people in 30 countries, and it is widely used as a second language. So you can practice the Spanish language and practice it in different places. Also, it is especially easy to learn for those with a background in French, Italian, or Portuguese.

Here are the 5 best ways to learn Spanish

Study and live abroad in a Spanish speaking country

Living in a country that speaks the language you want to learn is the best and fastest way to learn the language, because you will surround yourself in an intense educational environment, and you will get to know new friends with whom you share language interests and various activities. Think about studying the language in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Pala Tamarindo, Malaga, Santiago, or Buenos Aires.

Watch TV and watch Latin programs

Take some games, a journal, and enjoy watching programs and movies in Spanish. Record new words as you continue. This is one of the best and easiest ways to learn a new language. You'll find plenty of entertainment options from Spanish, Mexican, and Argentinian, as well as from Chile.

If you are not a fan of movies, you have the option to watch the different programs or series in Spanish. You will be greatly benefited by developing your language skills by having fun and following interesting stories. We recommend that you watch movies or series frequently to help you understand and memorize new words and phrases.

Listen to the music

Listening to Spanish music and songs opens the doors to the language in your mind in a smooth and loving way. And you will find many types and different styles of Latin music, due to the multitude of countries and cultures that speak this language.

Get to know the artists and singers of the people of the language on the "YouTube" site, for example, and listen to Spanish songs while performing your daily duties, or while touring in a car or while you are practicing sports.

Join a Spanish community in your city

Find a micro-community or students who represent Spanish in your city. You can find these small communities and contact them by searching the Internet for their restaurants or places of activity. You are sure to find websites for coordinating their gatherings or some information on students who want to exchange languages ​​and cultures.

You can also ask your friends on social media, as you may find a Spanish speaker on someone's friend list.

If you do not find a solution from these solutions, I recommend you to the site Speaky. Great site to practice languages with people from other countries for free. They also have an Android app.

Host a student who speaks Spanish

You need to learn Spanish puts you in a unique and unique position that allows you to help expats and thus help yourself. Host Spanish-speaking students, tourists, or visitors in your home, such as expatriate students who belong to a university or language institute in your area. With this, you will have provided them with great service and benefit from practicing Spanish while you do so.

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