Things you must know before immigrating to America

Things you must know before immigrating to America

In fact, the answer to this question is not correct until after asking another question, which is "What is the nature of your visa?"

Today's world is a world of borders, visas, residency papers, and nationality papers. And the paperless person becomes null and void. This is a fact that those who have not yet immigrated may not be given their right to assimilate.

In the USA, they know this problem very well, and the media often talk about the problem of illegal immigrants, and the people of the country are supporters of their presence and a desire to get rid of them.

There are millions of immigrants to the West, and especially to the United States, who begin immigration as a matter of tourism.

You get a visa to enter the country, and you think that you have entered the country through its widest doors, that the problem has been solved, and that you are about to start a happy new life in a developed country. However, an entry or tourist visa does not give you the right to work.

Then the conversation about any certificate you hold or your professional experience becomes empty, out of place, and out of time.

Therefore, whoever intends to emigrate through this section should not assume that he will find work in his field or that he will be able to choose between different fields of work.

To make the picture clearer, any company in America cannot hire an employee who does not have the legal right to work in the country. Employment opportunities for those in this situation are mostly restricted to restaurants or people-owned stores.

As for restaurants and shops that belong to large companies, they are also subject to what applies to other companies. However, there are millions of illegal immigrants working in the United States, but you will not find them in jobs that require skills, knowledge, or certification, but in simple manual jobs.

This is what I would like to explain to those who wish to travel, as obtaining a residency or work visa is difficult, and therefore thousands of immigrants resort to the easiest way: entering the country in any form.

So I say, think first about how you got into the United States.

If it is through a temporary visa, then do not think about finding work with your degree, whatever it is.

 But create a plan that fits your circumstances and the reality in which you will find yourself. 

Make it a long-term plan, not a month, a year, or a two-year plan. Changing a person’s life for the better takes many years.

But if you are coming to the United States with the right to work and reside, it is better to go to a relatively large city until you find more job opportunities.

The most important thing is to go to a place where you know a friend or relative, as relying on yourself completely will be difficult in a new country, and it depends on things like your proficiency in the language and the money you have when you come.

The best place is someone who would like to help you and set things up for you in a strange country.

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